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On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump drew a huge contingent of American soldiers to a campaign event in Windham, New Hampshire.

Hundreds of people were seen in the gym at Windham High School in pictures and videos that circulated on social media during the president’s speech, which were nearly entirely devoted to the needs and current policies affecting veterans in America.

A spokesperson for MAGA Inc., Karoline Leavitt, told Brian Glenn of RSBN that MAGA fans were allegedly lining up outside the venue at midnight in anticipation of hearing the president speak.

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Trump’s supporters in the Granite State took to the streets on Tuesday before he even arrived in New Hampshire to greet the 45th president with a convoy of automobiles.

The convoy, which was centered around a campaign event where supporters stocked up on materials including yard signs and t-shirts, took place in Pelman, New Hampshire, according to the DC Enquirer.

Leading up to the GOP primary election of 2024, Donald Trump enjoys a significant lead in political polling.

According to a recent Coefficient poll, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is in second place with only 9 percent of the GOP primary vote, trailing Trump in the state by 43 percent.

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