Trump on fixing America’s problems: ‘We have to get the right president because that’s where the leadership is’

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Trump on fixing America’s problems: ‘We have to get the right president because that’s where the leadership is’

Republicans are weighing whether they will be able to stop America’s rich erosion. In an interview with American media, President Trump is trying to preserve American prosperity after the midterms.

The right Republicans can reset the vision, says one presidential interviewer, Lucia Navarro.

He continued, referring to next week’s midterm elections, “I think we’re going to do really well in Congress. We have an opportunity to do better in the Senate. We need to get the right president because when you think about it, that’s where the leadership is. Elections are important because we can stop what’s happening – we can stop it, and we can stop it cold – but we have to have the right leadership [at the top].”

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The president loudly lashed out at energy prices and said that the next president has to be someone who says, “’We’re going to go back and start drilling because we don’t have energy. We are taking energy from countries that are selling it to us for a fortune.’


Trump’s interview touched on a variety of topics, including inflation, rising crime, and potential changes to the Internet on all things Trump.

Trump called his social media platform, Truth Social, “amazingly successful” and said SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last week was “very good.”…It was driven by crazy, far-left insanity, and… I mean, it was all bots and fake accounts — that’s a lot. And it was a disaster, right? Trump continued.

Trump slammed Britain’s administration for cutting off deals for oil when prices hit all-time highs, citing economic concerns.

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Although Trump’s comments about the need for a strong Republican president in 2024 are unclear due to his yet-to-be-announced decision on whether he will make another bid for the White House, GOP candidates in the midterm elections are poised for massive conservative returns in both chambers.

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