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Trump News: There Is No ‘Trumpism’ Without Trump

Trump News: There Is No ‘Trumpism’ Without Trump

In recent months, there has been a lot of discussion about hazardous political clichés, particularly among my fellow conservatives.

And, while I share some of their worries, I must call attention to the most dangerous cliche in modern political discourse: Trumpism without Trump.

Several apparently right-wing political analysts have been loud in their desire for Trumpism without Trump. They want to keep most of the America First policy proposals he brought to the forefront, as well as the momentum and enthusiasm he generated with his unprecedented rise through the Republican Party, but they also want to retire the former President and keep him on the sidelines, where his controversial musings and magnetic personality will not dominate public discourse.

Senator Mitch McConnell and others defunded candidates in competitive states with winnable seats as a demoralization technique to halt the emergence of America First and strengthen the Uniparty.

The establishment-backed notion of Trumpism without Trump is a dangerously insidious fallacy because the America First movement relies on Trump’s bold and energizing personality; Trump is the sole figure to emerge as our nation’s champion, and his movement represents our last chance to avoid total despair. Without him, America First will perish.

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Trump’s personal, emotional bond with his supporters cannot be overstated. Without Trump as the GOP nominee in 2024, at least a million of his followers will stay home and refuse to vote. They despise the system, see how people are duped, and feel that most officials from both major parties should be fired.

They only trust one candidate: Trump. These voters are the forgotten men and women of this country; they put Trump in office in 2016, and losing them will assure losses in any election moving forward.

If Trumpism fades, the Republican Party will revert to its Bush-era neoconservatism. To earn the votes of new populations as the original stock of Americans is washed away, this poisonous ideology entails open borders, appeasing illegal immigrants, and delivering watered-down liberalism. Social problems are only important to Bush-era neoconservatives when they can be used to keep the base voting Republican. To the neocons, Christian principles are only a ruse used to persuade Americans to accept a foreign policy of imperial invasion.

Republican voters and regular Americans may despise the transactional, power-driven Republican Party of the Bush era, but corporate interests like it. This ideology claims to support small government values while lavishing billions of dollars in handouts on affluent and privileged contributors. This is the philosophy of exporting jobs to China, disenfranchising the working class, lauding such measures as free market accomplishments, and then rewarding bankers with taxpayer-funded bailouts to reward their aggressive and exploitative practices.

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Before to Trump, this was the Republican way, with only gadflies like former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin amassing larger-than-expected followings on the strength of grassroots dissatisfaction with the neocon status quo. The crusades of Paul and Palin were noble and admirable, but they lacked the capacity to rally a broad, countrywide following of ordinary Americans to challenge the political system.

Here comes Donald Trump.

Trump, unlike any other president in modern history, answered the prayers of millions of People and fulfilled his mission. Anti-American forces want us to recede and temper our reaction to the nation’s worst attack on liberty in its history. The concept makes the Republican Party’s fifth column of internal foes smile. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that Trumpism is finished and that a more responsible conservatism will take its place. What exactly does responsible conservatism entail? Accepting the necessity of carbon taxes in order to cut Social Security benefits for seniors.

The possible competitors to Trump’s presidential candidacy in 2024 have all been authorized by the establishment, and corporate interests have no doubt that the whole field can be co-opted and utilized to return Republican politics to the Bush era.

As good as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been, he is utterly unprepared to carry Trump’s America First flag. DeSantis is well behind Trump on three critical issues: trade, foreign policy, and the Deep State. Together with immigration, these are at the heart of Trump’s America First agenda.

This is why the RINO establishment is fine with DeSantis being the 2024 nominee, even though his pseudo-Trumpian style is a bit of a turn-off to them.

Other potential possibilities include former Vice President Mike Pence, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, former National Security Adviser John Bolton, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Senator Tim Scott. They are no more a threat to Trump’s revival than former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the other candidates Trump humiliated in 2016. They will just serve as a warm-up for Trump’s general-election devastation of the Democrats—a little appetizer before the main entrée. DeSantis is the sole threat, and the establishment believes that because he has blatantly appropriated Trumpism, he is ideally qualified to impede Trump’s revival in Republican and national politics.

The America First movement must be sustained for future generations, and with demographic realities coming into light, this future is far from certain. There are nascent organizations like American Virtue, Republicans for National Renewal, Precinct Strategy, and the Bull Moose Project that support America First values and are hammering home the message of the steps we must take to restore our nation, but these organizations are still in their infancy. Numerous other organizations use the America First branding. These are essentially fronts for the same old swindler class, which has reinvented itself in order to continue lining its pockets from the developing movement.


Conservatism Corp. legacy groups continue to exist and have an unsettling amount of power because to the vast sums of money behind them. These groups exist to repress the activist base, eliminate populism from Republican politics, and re-establish the Republican Party as an establishment party. They work hard to persuade Republican voters to embrace policies that are detrimental to their own interests, and they should not be ignored. Consider how many conservatives were heated up recently to favor another interminable conflict between Russia and Ukraine to defend Hunter Biden’s drug money place.

This is a critical time for our movement, and we need our leader more than ever to guide us through it. Embracing Trumpism without Trump, submitting to opposition propaganda, and retiring peacefully with America First is a national suicide pact. There is, in essence, no turning back. The war has already begun. The escalation is too great to ignore. We are fighting for our society, our ideals, our civilisation, and our very existence. Whatever happens in 2024, we shall rise and fall with him and be honored for the honor of our strength and dedication.Accepting the necessity of carbon taxes in order to cut Social Security benefits for seniors.

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