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Trump Makes SHOCKING Endorsement in Key, Could This Be the Sign of a Comeback?

Trump Makes Big Endorsement in Key Election on Nov. 7

Trump declared his “total and complete endorsement” of GOP Gov. Tate Reeves less than a week before Mississippi’s closely watched gubernatorial election.

Trump argued for reelection of the governor next week in a video released on Trump’s Truth Social on Wednesday and uploaded by Reeves to X (previously Twitter).


Trump began his endorsement by criticizing “crooked” Joe Biden, accusing his former foe of “absolutely destroying” the United States through his disastrous policies.

“[Biden] threw open the border, he wrecked our economy,” said Trump. “Inflation is a disaster, and everything else is just more expensive.”


Trump also suggested that Democrat Brandon Presley, Gov. Reeves’s opponent, was funded and controlled by Biden and other prominent leaders within the Democrat Party.

“Now Joe Biden wants to put his candidate—and this is his candidate—Brandon Presley in as Mississippi’s governor,” the 45th president argued. “The citizens of Mississippi must not let that happen.”

Opponents have questioned Presley, a state public service commission member and Elvis Presley’s second cousin, for his purported campaign financing links and Biden family ties.

Campaign finance reports show Presley got thousands of dollars from a Chinese individual with significant CCP links, according to Fox News.

The Fox News story also accused the gubernatorial candidate of taking funds from Elizabeth Naftali, who bought first son Hunter Biden’s paintings.

In his endorsement of Reeves, Trump sustained that “Joe Biden and his people are funding Brandon Presley’s campaign.”

“They own him. He’ll do whatever they want him to do,” said Trump.

Trump then accused the “radical left maniacs” who have continuously attacked him of also going after Reeves, telling the residents of Mississippi to “make time to vote” for Tate Reeves.

“He fights for the people of Mississippi, and he has my total and complete endorsement,” said Trump.

Mississippi will hold its gubernatorial election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Real Clear Politics reports that Gov. Reeves leads Presley by roughly 10 points in pre-election polls.

Despite his narrow advantage against Presley, Reeves’ edges have grown in recent months as his Democrat opponent has struggled to win conservative supporters on critical topics.

In June, Presley was criticised for indicating he would not sign laws banning gender-affirming care for children, such as puberty blockers.

On Friday, Reeves praised President Trump and told the Washington Examiner that if he is reelected, he will “build” Trump’s campaign in Mississippi.

“I’ve been defending President Trump when we see these outrageous political prosecutions, and my opponent has been cheering them on,” said Reeves.

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