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Trump Likely To Announce Run Soon Because He’s A ‘Freaking Toddler,’ Says Ex-GOP Official

Trump Likely To Announce Run Soon Because He’s A ‘Freaking Toddler,’ Says Ex-GOP Official. Donald Trump News, U.S. News.

It is expected that Donaltram will soon announce his candidacy for the presidency.

The reason, as reported by Yahoo News, is that he is fitting about the filth published about him at the Capital Riot investigation, hearing and because he “controlled all the emotions of a crazy child,” a former GOP official scoffed Saturday.

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Kurt Bardella, former deputy communications director of the GOP-controlled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told MSNBC about the matter. (He is currently a Democrat and news commentator.)

His statement was, “This guy has a crazy baby’s emotion control. So no one should be surprised about it. I think Republicans, yes, that’s the golem they’ve created, “Bardella added.

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Reacting to a story in the New York Times last Friday, Bardella said, “Trump is hoping for a step-by-step announcement about his presidency – again – to divert the public from the” harmful current of disclosure “and officially announce that he is entering the race.” Earlier this month. ”

“We all know from past experience that Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone other than Donald Trump,” Bardella told MSNBC host Alex Witt. “So it doesn’t surprise me that the criticism I’m facing right now after the Jan. 6 hearing, he’s thinking about pulling the trigger.”

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Watch the full video of Bardella’s full interview with Trump in the video you are watching below. He talks about Trump stepping up his race announcement beginning at 5:30:

That time will probably “ruin” things for Republicans before the midterms because more negative testimony tarnishes the candidate, Bardella said. But that’s what Republicans deserve to tie their future to Trump, he said.

“You know what, Donald?” Dr. Bardella. “Go there, show everyone who you are, what you want to do, blow up the Republican Party before November.”

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“These guys have been wanting to divorce themselves from Donald Trump for the past five years; They just lack the courage, the strength, the courage to make it happen, ”Bardella added. Behind the scenes “they are routing for the January 6 committee.”

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Bardella claimed earlier this week that “no one was too excited about the strong testimony” Cassidy Hutchinson “Republicans who want to give up on Donald Trump.”

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