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Trump Launches Fact-Checking Website to Counter Biden’s Statements

In a move to combat what he perceives as misinformation from President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump has launched a new website, This platform aims to provide real-time fact-checking of statements made by President Biden, particularly addressing the claims made during the recent CNN presidential debate.

One of the key focus areas of this fact-checking initiative is the economy. Contrary to Biden’s assertion of creating 15 million jobs, the website reveals that the majority of these jobs are attributed to individuals re-entering the workforce post-pandemic, not solely created during Biden’s presidency. Additionally, Biden’s inflation rate claim of 9% upon taking office is debunked, with data confirming a significantly lower rate during that period.

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Moreover, Trump’s website challenges Biden’s stance on border security. By highlighting Biden’s executive actions impacting border policies and the subsequent rise in encounters with illegal aliens, it emphasizes stark differences in approach between the two administrations. The data suggests a substantial increase in illegal border crossings during Biden’s term compared to the previous administration.

Another contentious issue addressed on the fact-checking site is crime statistics. Despite Biden referencing FBI data indicating a decrease in crime rates, discrepancies are noted in the reporting process, with crucial data points missing and a lack of inclusion of crimes committed by illegal aliens in the US.

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The launch of underscores Trump’s ongoing efforts to counter what he perceives as inaccuracies in Biden’s statements. By providing detailed analyses and rebuttals to Biden’s claims on various topics such as the economy, border security, and crime rates, Trump’s team aims to present a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the current administration’s assertions.

Stay tuned for further updates and fact-checking analyses on as the political discourse continues to evolve.

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