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Trump Just Got His Best News Of The Entire Primary Season So Far!

Trump just got the best news he’s had so far during the primary season. In an unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump just got the best news of his primary season so far. A new study shows that with 60% of the vote, Trump now has a big lead over his other Republican foes. This is a big jump from his past poll scores, which were usually around 45%.

The University of Michigan did the study and talked to more than 1,000 registered Republicans. It found that white working-class people, who are an important part of the Republican Party, like Trump the most.

Trump is getting ready for a series of Republican talks when he heard the news. In the past few months, Trump’s opponents have criticized both his policies and the way he acts as a person. But a new study shows that these attacks don’t seem to bother Trump’s followers.

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In a possible general election, the study also showed that Trump is ahead of all the Democrats. Trump has 48% of the vote, while President Joe Biden comes in second with 42%. In earlier studies, Trump was far behind Biden, so this is a big change.

The news that Trump is doing better in the polls is a big blow to his Republican opponents. It shows that Trump is in a good position to win the Republican nomination and is a real threat to Biden in the general election.

How will this affect the Republican Party?

The fact that Trump is doing better in the polls shows that the Republican Party is still very split. Even though Trump has been involved in many scams and issues, a large part of the party base still supports him. But there are also more and more Republicans who think Trump is too toxic and can’t win a general election.

It’s still not clear if Trump will be able to keep his lead in the polls. Things are still early in the Republican primaries, and there is still a lot of time for things to change. But Trump’s latest rise shows that he is still the Republican Party’s most popular candidate.

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How will this affect the Democratic Party?

The fact that Trump is doing better in the polls should wake up the Democratic Party. Even though Biden is still the choice to win the Democratic ticket, he can’t count on Trump to win. Trump is a figure that divides people, but he is also a very good politician.

If Trump gets the Republican nomination, the general election will be a very close race. To beat Trump, Biden will need to get his supporters excited and reach out to people who aren’t part of either party.

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