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Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

Former President Donald Trump said that he is the subject of a federal criminal investigation for handling sensitive information at Mar-a-Lago in a recent interview with Newsmax. Trump asserted that he had “all the proof” to vindicate his name and that the inquiry is “a witch hunt.”

The probe was started as a result of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) discovering secret information at Mar-a-Lago, including records pertaining to the Capitol attack on January 6th and the Russia investigation. Trump had received numerous warnings from NARA not to bring sensitive information to Mar-a-Lago, but he disregarded their advice.

Skepticism is likely to be expressed in response to Trump’s assertions that he has “all the evidence” to clear his name. From Mar-a-Lago, the FBI has already confiscated a lot of documents,

One of the legal issues that Trump is dealing with is the inquiry into how he handled secret data. For his financial dealings, he is also the target of multiple civil cases and is under criminal investigation in New York.

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The inquiry into Trump’s handling of sensitive materials is still ongoing, so the outcome is uncertain. The fact that he is the subject of a federal criminal investigation, however, is a worrying development. It serves as a reminder that even past presidents are subject to the law.

Together with his legal difficulties, Trump is also subject to escalating media and public scrutiny. His recent remarks regarding the Capitol attack on January 6th have drawn widespread criticism, and he has been

How Trump will handle these legal and political difficulties is still unknown. He is obviously having a terrible time, though.


Not only reposted it but gave it his clear endorsement and confirmed it was TRUE.

Take a look:

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