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Trump judge makes unthinkable move that has Democrats reeling!

A federal judge who was chosen by Trump has made headlines after striking down the electoral map of a Texas county, citing the Voting Rights Act as the legal basis for his decision. The ruling of the judge is a devastating setback for the Republicans, who had pinned their hopes on the map giving them an advantage in the 2018 elections.

A huge victory for Democrats, who have been fighting against measures to restrict voting rights, the verdict is also a significant triumph for Democrats. Even if the ruling of the court is overturned on appeal, it is possible that it may have a significant influence on the presidential election of 2024.

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The decision of the judge is based on the fact that the electoral map for the Texas county reduces the voting power of Latino and African American voters. The judge came to the conclusion that the map had been constructed with the intention of treating these voters less favorably.

The decision made by the court serves as a timely reminder that the battle for voting rights is not yet won. Democrats are battling to defend people’s voting rights as Republicans continue to advocate for voting restrictions that would make it more difficult for citizens to cast their ballots.

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The decision made by the judge is a win for democracy, and it serves as a timely reminder that the judicial system can play an important part in ensuring that the rights of all Americans are upheld.

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  1. More Democratic lies. They need to be fact checked on everything they say. YouTube sensors what people can and can’t say but let anyone posting use profanity and tell some of the biggest lies I have ever read. I fact check !!


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