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October 14, 2023, Former President Donald Trump is crushing President Joe Biden in two key swing states, according to a new poll released on Friday. The poll, conducted by the Trafalgar Group, found that Trump leads Biden by 10 points in Pennsylvania and 12 points in Wisconsin.

These results are a major concern for Biden, who narrowly won both states in 2020. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are two of the most important swing states in the country, and they could be the key to deciding the next presidential election.

Trump’s strong performance in these polls is likely due to a number of factors, including his high approval ratings among Republican voters and his popularity among white working-class voters. Biden, on the other hand, has been struggling with low approval ratings and a perception that he is out of touch with the needs of working-class Americans.


If Trump is able to maintain his lead in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it will be a major blow to Biden’s chances of re-election. These two states are crucial to Biden’s path to victory, and losing them would make it very difficult for him to win the Electoral College.

It is important to note that this is just one poll, and the race is still more than a year away. However, the results of this poll should be a wake-up call for Biden and the Democrats. They need to start doing a better job of reaching out to working-class voters and convincing them that Biden is the right person to lead the country.

A new poll that was released this week has shown how President Trump is crushing Joe Biden in the key swing states.

InteractivePolls released a number of new polls that show President Trump is dominating the competition, both within the Republican Caucus and nationally. President Trump is leading in two important swing states, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Interactive Polls released the latest poll on X, showing President Trump jumping ahead of Biden with a two-point lead in Wisconsin. This puts him in first place with a 42 percent approval rating and Biden with a 40 percent rating.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump has also widened his advantage against Biden in Pennsylvania, a crucial state that also happens to be the one where Biden was born and won by 80,000 votes in 2020.

430 people were contacted by landlines and emails for the poll, which was conducted by Emerson College. According to the polling data, 45 percent of people said they would support President Trump, compared to Biden’s popularity rating of just 36 percent. Only 8% of the 430 voters said they were uncertain, which gave President Trump time to win them over.

President Trump is leading nationally in the polls, surpassing Biden by four points, according to a HarrisX survey shared by The Messenger. President Trump has a 45 percent approval rating, while Biden comes in second with a 41 percent approval rating. To compare further, 86 percent of Republicans support President Trump, while Biden is supported by 81 p.

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