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Trump Has Found His “Hot Button” Issue To Hammer In 2024 

Trump Has Found His “Hot Button” Issue To Hammer In 2024 

Former President Donald J. Trump has officially set his sights on what will be his “hot button” issue for the 2024 presidency, and it’s no accident.

Trump is already running for the upcoming election and has let his country know what his “build the wall” type issue will be for the 2024 contest.

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Donald Trump appeared in both New Hampshire and South Carolina where he discussed what his policy platform would be.

Politico’s Meredith McGrath reports that Donald Trump’s main policy position will be education, claiming that the crowd during his speech was the largest while fighting the “culture wars” in the education system.

By far the loudest line of applause during Trump’s speech in NH was to tackle the issue of the culture wars.

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Check out his report in the tweet below:

Trump’s education policy positions target the so-called culture wars that are taking place inside the classroom and have garnered the most support of all the positions he delivered during his speech.

The policy outline Trump posted on Truth Social pledged federal withdrawal from any school that uses “critical race theory, gender ideology, or other sentimental and racial, sexual, or political content for our children,” according to the policy announcement.

Trump’s platform includes “eliminating tenure” for teachers in the K-12 school system and eventually firing a large number of “diversity equity and inclusion” administrators.

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“President Trump’s plan to save American education and give power back to parents!” Trump told Truth Social when he first posted the policy video.

Check out True Social Posts below:

As the saying goes, workers are policy, and at the end of the day, if we have pink-haired communists teaching our kids, we have a big problem. When I’m president, we’ll put parents back in charge, Trump says in a policy video.

If it is true that Donald Trump is going to focus on this single policy issue to be his wall for 2024, it could be a huge way to include many moderates who are not happy with the left’s intrusive policy decisions on education.


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One thought on “Trump Has Found His “Hot Button” Issue To Hammer In 2024 

  • Paul Changuion Snr

    President Trump, many of us in Africa applaud you. We have seen how corruption and communism have robbed our people of rights and dishonord family, community and work ethic. Africa is a picture of America’s future if democrats get their way. Bless you and your country.


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