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Trump has demanded that the Pulitzer Prize be revoked for Russia’s false reporting

Trump has demanded that the Pulitzer Prize be revoked for Russia’s false reporting

The Pulitzer Prize board is left-leaning for its coverage of Russia’s fraud, which President Donald Trump recently claimed was “false. News media outlets are revoking awards because they are incompetent and corrupt.”

Russia’s hoax has been completely debunked.” “The fake news media covered it incorrectly — reporting the exact opposite of what actually happened,” Trump said Thursday through his Save America PAC. Still, the Pulitzer Board awards them for inaccurate, incompetent, and corrupt reporting. Did not cancel ”?

The Washington Examiner reports that the Washington Post’s 2018 awards defense members have been held liable for defamation.

Calling for the 2018 Pulitzer Prizes to be revoked for national reporting awarded to staffers at The New York Times and The Washington Post, Trump also asked the board last year to revoke the awards.

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Trump vehemently called the board “too embarrassed” to respond to the letter in October 2021 after Trump condemned the decision to reward biased news outlets.

Trump wrote in his letter to the board, “For two years, these organizations have been trying to push the Russia story hard and try to convince the public, despite absolutely no credible evidence, that my campaign colluded with the Russian government,” Trump wrote in his letter to the board.

Although the Russian collusion narrative has since been debunked, the Pulitzer board still refuses to revoke the awards. The board claimed that two independent reviews of the story found that “no passage or title, contention or claim was discredited by any information submitted by the winner that arose after the award was made.

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Even so, Trump said Thursday that if the Pulitzer Prize board wants to restore its credibility, it should “take the award away from the people who got it wrong” and “give new awards to everyone who got it right.”

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