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For his business operations, former president Donald Trump is under criminal investigation in New York. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is looking into whether or not Donald Trump and his business, The Trump Organization, committed financial fraud.

After Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, admitted to lying to Congress about the president’s business connections, the inquiry got under way in 2019. Cohen admitted to the authorities that Trump had exaggerated the worth of his possessions in order to profit.

Trump and The Trump Organization have been served with subpoenas for a variety of papers, including financial records, tax returns, and correspondence with lenders and other business partners. 

The office has also questioned a number of witnesses, including former Trump staffers and accountants.

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office called a grand jury in 2021 to hear testimony in the matter. It is unclear when the grand jury will decide whether to indict Trump or The Trump Organization after hearing witness testimony for several months.

Trump would be the first former president to be charged with a crime if he is indicted. The probe has also raised questions about Trump’s economic empire and may result in The Trump Organization’s liquidation.

One of several legal issues that Trump is facing is the New York criminal probe. In addition, the New York Attorney General’s Office is looking into him in a civil matter, and a number of people and companies are suing him.


Trump has denied all wrongdoing and charged the New York prosecutors with having political motives. However, the probe has picked up steam recently, and it’s feasible that Trump will face charges soon.

An important development for Trump is the criminal investigation in New York, which has the potential to have a big effect on his personal life and corporate operations. Although the inquiry is still ongoing, it is yet too early to predict the outcome. The probe serves as a reminder that Trump is subject to the law and that his actions may have grave repercussions.

What are the implications of the investigation?

The criminal investigation in New York could have a number of implications for Trump, including:

  • He could be indicted and face criminal charges.
  • He could be forced to forfeit assets.
  • He could be disbarred from practicing law.
  • He could lose his businesses.
  • He could be barred from holding public office in the future.

Trump’s political legacy may be significantly impacted by the inquiry as well. That would be a serious setback to his reputation and his capacity to shape public policy if he were to be indicted or found guilty.

What is the next step in the investigation?

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office continues to look into Trump and The Trump Organization. In the upcoming months, the grand jury is anticipated to hear more witness testimony. The office can decide to summon more witnesses or gather more evidence.


Trump would be arraigned in court and the case would go to trial if the grand jury chose to indict him. If found guilty, he might receive a prison sentence.

Although the inquiry is still ongoing, it is yet too early to predict the outcome. The inquiry is a serious development for Trump, though, and it may have a big effect on his personal life as well as his enterprises.

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