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Recently, President Donald Trump issued a rallying cry denouncing the deep state.

On his website, Truth Social, earlier on Wednesday, President Donald Trump recently issued a fiery message encouraging his followers to join him in what he called “the final war” against numerous forces that, in his opinion, threaten the American way of life.

To combat what he sees as challenges to the country’s sovereignty and values, President Trump touched on five critical themes in this call to action.

President Trump’s tweet is driven by a passionate ambition to take on the “deep state,” as he refers to it. The phrase alludes to a purported secretive organization of influential bureaucrats and officials who, in the eyes of many, exert undue influence over public policy regardless of the elected administration.

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President Trump has been waging this war for a while now. President Trump and his team “prepared thorough lists of disloyal government workers to eliminate,” according to an Axios article from 2020. This was a smaller aspect of a bigger effort to destroy the “deep state.”

Likewise, the conservative emphasis on a robust yet restrained foreign policy is echoed by President Trump’s pledge to eject warmongers from the government. This is consistent with the notion of upholding American interests while preventing pointless military interventions and never-ending wars.

The suggestion of expelling globalists plays into a growing worry over the loss of national sovereignty. According to some conservatives, the United States’ capacity to act independently and protect its interests may be compromised by an overabundance of international institutions and agreements. These opinions are in line with Trump’s push to assert American independence on the global stage.

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This goes as far back as 2019 when Reuters reported that President Trump “called on nations around the globe to embrace nationalism and reject globalism, saying wise leaders put their own people and countries first.”

The article continued by stating that President Trump steadfastly stated, “We are going to make America great again.“The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to patriots.”

The conservative faith in upholding the ideals of small government, individual liberty, and free-market capitalism is shown in the expulsion of people labeled as communist Marxists and fascists. These ideas are criticized on the grounds that they can result in an overbearing government, the suppression of personal freedoms, and the destruction of the entrepreneurial spirit that underpins the wealth of the country.


Trump’s attack on the “fake news media” is hardly surprising, given his contentious relationship with mainstream media outlets during his presidency. President Trump is simply calling to hold the media accountable for accurate and fair reporting.

In his Truth Social post, Donald Trump calls on his followers to fight alongside him in what he refers to as a decisive war. The post summarizes the fundamental principles of conservative ideals and objectives, from dismantling the deep state to confronting globalist impulses and ideological rivals.

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