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Trump “Committed Treason” With Pence Remark

Trump Committed Treason With Pence Remark: Ex-Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner. Donald J. Trump committed treason with pence remark.

On Thursday, former Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said he believed Donald Trump
“committed the crime of treason” if a report came true that said former Vice President Mike Pence should be hanged.

Kirschner commented on his YouTube show, Justice Matters .investigating the January 6, 2021 Capital riots House Select Committee discusses a recently published account given to the

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account New York Times , then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said colleagues told Trump on Jan. 6 that “the effect of something like that: Mr. Pence should be hanged on MIB.”

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“Evidence is growing that Donald Trump did not just incite revolt,” Kirsner said. He has been charged with treason. “

We don’t know Kirsana’s identity now Kirsner is also NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst
Mentioned that the Times wrote that it is not clear what tone Trump used with his reported comments.

“What tone did the president of the United States use when he was talking about hanging the vice president? Is his tone important?” Kirsner asked incredulously.

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He continued, “So, friends, on the basis of this new report, let me say as clearly and directly as possible: Donald Trump has committed the crime of sedition.”

He then quotes the definition of sedition from the United States Code, a set of common and permanent federal laws.

He read, “Anyone who fights against the United States because of its allegiance is guilty of treason.”

Kirschner Twitter from his YouTube program on also shared a clip , where he accused Trump of betrayal.

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