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Trump Can Turn America Around, McCarthy Says

McCarthy: Trump Is Stronger Today Than Ever Before. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., talked about who he thinks will be the GOP choice in 2024 with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. McCarthy said that Donald Trump will win the GOP nod in 2024.

In the same interview with Bartiromo, the Speaker said Trump “is stronger today than he was in 2016 or in 2020.” McCarthy also noted GOP hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is “not at the same level” as Trump when it comes to winning the presidential nomination.

McCarthy backs Trump because he thinks a Trump win could work well with the current Congress, which could shut down the government if they don’t pass spending bills by September 30.

Even though McCarthy has said nice things about President Trump, he has not officially backed him as a candidate for office. McCarthy, on the other hand, is steadfast in his support for Trump, even over other GOP candidates like Ron DeSantis.

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During their talk, Bartiromo asked McCarthy about how it seems like Gov. DeSantis is working with members of Congress who want a government shutdown to fix the spending problem in Congress.

McCarthy replied that a government shutdown would “give strength to the Democrats, which would give power to Biden,” and he uses this as one reason to support Trump over DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nod.

Furthermore, McCarthy’s comments point to the fact that America under President Trump “didn’t have inflation, [America] didn’t have these battles around the world, [America] didn’t look weak around the world.”

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McCarthy says that President Biden is taking America in the wrong way, but he thinks that President Trump can turn things around, which will be important in 2024.

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