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Trump Calls on Supreme Court to ‘Level the Playing Field’ in His Legal Battles

You are aware that Jack Smith and other Democratic allies are seeking to bring new phony accusations against President Trump unless you’ve been living under a rock.

This information is conveniently being released as the campaign for the 2024 elections gets underway. Democrats’ determination to win the presidential election by whatever means has been repeatedly demonstrated.

They understand that they cannot defeat Trump in a fair election. Smith and other Democrats are motivated to smear Trump in an effort to prevent him from winning.

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No matter how many evil Democrats try to destroy his morale, Trump will always fight for this great country.

Trump has called out on Truth to the Supreme Court to ‘intercede’ in the upcoming trial:


Former President Donald Trump has called on the Supreme Court to “intercede” in his legal battles, saying that he is facing a “barrage of weak lawsuits” from his political opponents.

Trump, who appointed three of the current justices on the Supreme Court, made the appeal in a post on his social media platform, Truth Social. He said that the lawsuits against him are “requiring massive amounts of my time and money to adjudicate” and that they are “election interference.”

Trump is dealing with a number of legal issues, including a criminal investigation into his attempts to change the results of the 2020 presidential election by special counsel Jack Smith. In addition, he is being sued civilly by individuals who claim he was the catalyst for the incident at the Capitol on January 6.

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In his post on Truth Social, Trump said that he is “leading in all polls, including against Crooked Joe,” but that the legal battles against him are “not a level playing field.” He called on the Supreme Court to “intercede” and “stop this Election Interference.”

Whether the Supreme Court will respond to Trump’s request is still up in the air. Trump’s legal challenges have received little attention from the court, and it’s likely that it won’t take any action. Trump’s appeal, though, might compel the court to act, particularly if he continues to suffer legal troubles.

Trump’s request that the Supreme Court “balance the playing field” is sure to draw ire from his political rivals. They will probably contend that Trump is merely attempting to exploit the legal system to shield himself from the repercussions of his own decisions. Trump’s fans, though, are likely to see his appeal as evidence that he is standing up for justice.


It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court decides whether or not to become involved in Trump’s legal disputes. On the course of American politics, it might have a significant effect.

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