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On Saturday night, President Trump brought contagious MAGA spirit to Erie, Pennsylvania, when he addressed a raucous crowd of fans during his speech on America First.

“We’re going to WIN the Pennsylvania primary very easily, actually!” he told the audience. “…We’re going to take back our country and we’re going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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When he reached the stage, the president was met by thunderous cheers and a standing ovation. He then made a joyful announcement about how happy he was to be back in the Keystone State with industrious American “patriots” like those present.

On Saturday, Trump spoke about a range of issues, including protecting the southern border and ending the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He stated that by 2025, the disastrous Biden administration initiatives would be history.

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“All of that ends when we win a crushing victory on November 5, 2024,” he said, drawing huge cheers from supporters inside the Erie Insurance Arena.

“I will save the economy, I will purge the Deep State, and I will prevent World War III!” he promised.

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