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Trump Attorney Habba Shares Positive Update After Latest Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s legal spokeswoman has stated that just because he has been charged in Democrat-dominated Washington, D.C., doesn’t imply the outcome of his case is a given.

Prior to Trump’s afternoon court hearing in the nation’s capital before U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointment who is known for imposing heavier sanctions than usual on Jan. 6 protesters who have been in her courtroom, Alina Habba talked to Newsmax TV.

Trump was accused of four felonies earlier this week by special counsel Jack Smith in connection with alleged behavior on January 6, 2021, the day of the incident at the U.S. Congress.

In the first segment, the host, Rob Schmitt, aired a clip in which veteran federal prosecutor Joe diGenova projected that Chutkan’s Republican identification, a jury comprised primarily of Democratic voters, and those factors would probably lead to his conviction.

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But Habba told Schmitt: “I don’t necessarily believe that, and maybe that’s only because I’m a product of a little bit more internal knowledge.

“I’m not as concerned based on the facts [of the case]. Am I concerned about a D.C. jury? Of course, nobody can get in front of a D.C. jury as a Republican,” she continued.

“There are processes that we can go through if we do believe that this judge is compromised or won’t be able to give a fair shake,” Habba added. “It’s a motion for recusal.

“The only issue with recusal motions — and I’m not familiar with the criminal court system — but in civil law, the judge decides whether they can be impartial … so, we’ll see how it works. I’ll leave that to our criminal attorneys, but that’s typically what you do,” she continued.

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“I can’t see how you could possibly be a person who donates to the Democratic Party, a person who sat on the board with the [son of the] current president and political opponent to President Trump … and then sit and oversee this case,” Habba added. “That just doesn’t make sense to me.”


Trump’s legal team attempted late on Thursday to postpone the 2024 election significantly with his federal election trial.

Trump’s attorneys have filed a document in federal court in Washington, D.C., asking for an April 2026 trial date rather than the Justice Department’s request to have him tried for allegedly plotting to rig the 2020 election by January 2.

When she holds a hearing on August 28, Chutkan is anticipated to establish a trial date, according to The Associated Press.

“Trump’s 2024 calendar figures to be packed with court dates and campaign appearances as the former president confronts a presidential primary season while bracing for trials in four separate cases and four different cities,” the AP added.

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Previously, the judge ruled that while it was close, the government did not convince her that all information regarding the case should be restricted, Fox News reported.

“Chutkan heard arguments about the restrictions on evidence in the case. In court filings, prosecutors had argued for broad rules baring Trump’s lawyers from sharing ‘sensitive’ materials with the former president, including witness testimony to the grand jury and recordings and transcripts of Trump associates who spoke to prosecutors,” the outlet reported.

“Trump’s attorneys countered that the government’s request was too broad and infringed on Trump’s First Amendment rights,” the network continued, adding:

In a “close” decision, Chutkan said she was not persuaded that the government has shown all information gathered in the case would fall under the protective order. She ruled that only information designated as “sensitive” should be protected. 


“The defendant has the right to free speech, but that right is not absolute,” Chutkan said as the hearing began. “Without a protective order, a party could release that info to the jury pool.”

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