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Trump and Allies Play the Long Game

Trump and his allies are in it for the long haul.

Since he took office in 2017, Donald Trump has been a divisive figure. Some people have liked his ideas and others haven’t. His ties with other world leaders have also been rocky at times. But one thing is clear: Trump is thinking long-term when it comes to his foreign policy.

Trump has said that he wants to make America great again. He thinks that this can be done by making the business and defense stronger. He has also said that he wants to change trade deals and get the U.S. Out of more wars overseas.

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Trump has been ready to be tough with some of America’s friends in order to reach these goals. He has, for instance, said that NATO countries don’t spend enough on security and put taxes on goods from China. He has also pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris agreement on climate change.

Some of America’s friends don’t like these moves, but Trump says they are important to protect American interests. He has also said that he is willing to work with friends who are willing to help him.

For example, Trump has become friendly with Shinzo Abe, who is the Prime Minister of Japan. They have worked together on trade and North Korea, among other things. Trump has also said nice things about Abe’s work to make Japan’s defense stronger.

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Trump’s relationships with European leaders have also been complicated. He has attacked some leaders for how they handle immigration and terrorism, but he has also praised others for how they work together on trade and security problems.

Overall, Trump’s foreign policy has been about making the US business and defense stronger. He has been willing to be tough with some friends, but he has also been willing to work with those who are willing to work with him.

It is too soon to say if Trump’s long-term plan for foreign policy will work or not. But it’s clear that he’s in it for the long haul. He thinks that America can be great again, and he is ready to make the hard choices that are needed to get there.

In the years to come, it will be interesting to see how Trump’s long-term plan for foreign policy works out. It’s possible that he will be able to reach his goals of improving the business and defense of the United States.

But it’s also possible that his policies will turn America’s friends against it and hurt the country’s image around the world. What will happen in the end can only be known with time.

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