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Trump 2024? Not just yet, some Republicans say

Trump 2024? Not just yet, some Republicans say. Trump News,USA News.

Donald Trump’s flirtation with a third presidential run could be a grenade in the GOP’s midterm strategy during a Jan. 6 select committee investigation. However, Republicans are still unsure how to defuse it.

Party leaders want Trump to hold off on any campaign announcements until at least the November

midterms so the GOP can make the 2022 election a clear referendum on President Joe Biden. They see a clear road map to flipping Congress and forging a handful of House and Senate seats.

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Donald Trump’s flirtation with a third presidential run could be a grenade in the GOP’s midterm strategy during a Jan. 6 select committee investigation. And Republicans aren’t sure how to defuse it.

“The political landscape and environment are favorable. And I think less obstruction, obviously, is better,” said Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R.S.D.), 

who won his primary after Trump promised to kick him out. “Anything you have that distracts you from your message. The

Republican Party is clearly still struggling to deal with Trump more than seven years after he launched his first presidential campaign and nearly 18 months after he left office. Later. GOP leaders need their loyal voters to win the general election this fall, but they don’t want their incumbents or candidates talking about Trump — just how unpopular Biden is and how high inflation is on him.

A clear break from Trump is what Republicans are all about and what nearly every Democrat in Congress hoped for apparently never came — instead leaving a party whose former president still resents leaders but mostly mocks him entirely. Abella refused to do so. 

The 17 congressional Republicans who backed Trump’s second impeachment are at best and outcasts at worst.

But Trump’s approach strains each Republican differently, and there is still a wing of the party that wants him to announce ASAP if he plans to run in 2024. This GOP group says that if Trump is going to run for another presidency, he should run.

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 Stronger positions than he managed to muster in 2020 — including fewer lies about the last election and more focus on the next election.

“I get it, I get it,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.S.C.) of leaders’ concerns about disrupting the midterms for Trump’s presidential campaign. “If President Trump is going to run for president again,

 the sooner he announces, the more focused he will be on the future. Talking about comparisons and contrasts, rather than looking back, would be expected.

Yet with the committee now in the final part of its investigation on Jan. 6, it’s impossible for Republicans to completely ignore Trump’s behavior after losing to Biden — even if many said in interviews they weren’t watching the hearings.

Former aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive testimony last month offered a reminder of the pervasive dysfunction in the Trump White House. The account he gave under oath of the former president’s tantrums, throwing food at a wall, and shoving armed protesters drew attention from Republicans beyond Impeachment 17.

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