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The New Trump Moment

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The New Trump Moment


Compared to Trump’s previous two campaigns, immigration is now even more of a contentious subject. The horns of a conundrum have impaled President Biden in this situation. When he implements the open immigration policies that his supporter base demands, the outcomes are so catastrophic that a political backlash is unavoidable.

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But the Left accuses Biden of acting just as Trump would if he tries to head off the backlash by reintroducing some immigration enforcement. Trump is on the right track with this subject, and when the media attacks him for it, he should be ready to refer to Biden’s own hesitant support for enforcement.

Even Biden is aware that drastic action is required and that liberal ideas have failed. Biden himself argues in favor of Trump on the topic of immigration.

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Trump’s foreign policies will also benefit him more in 2024 than it did in 2016. The message is clear: Biden humiliated America in Afghanistan and lacks a strategy to promptly or effectively end the conflict in Ukraine.

Because the foreign-policy establishment pursued unachievable goals and without a concrete game plan, the war in Afghanistan dragged on for too long and had a poor outcome. The conflict in Ukraine is proceeding in a similar manner, sapping the United States and our allies of all resources over an indefinite period of time.

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Once again, only the broadest and most utopian definitions of victory are used by the Biden Administration and the bipartisan foreign policy establishment. The same methods used to achieve the same elusive goal will have the same effects in Ukraine as they did in Afghanistan. The only alternative is Trump.

The underlying factors that supported Trump’s victory in 2016 are stronger than ever. The leadership in America is inept and unpatriotic. While failing to police our own towns and borders, it seeks in vain to guarantee security for Afghanistan and Ukraine. Biden and the other members of the elite are more concerned with governing the world than they are with restoring domestic law and order.

The consequences have been felt by Americans. Voters have already witnessed what occurs when the nation returns to a pre-Trump leader like Biden, despite the fact that Trump may be imperfect. The political establishment has not changed. Trump is the start of replacing it, which is something that must be done.

Trump’s poll numbers are already strong enough for him to have some cautious optimism for the upcoming year. He and DeSantis run the risk of amplifying one another’s drawbacks to the point where either of them would find it much harder to defeat Biden in November.

However, the likelihood is that 2024 will resemble 2016 more so than 2020 if that doesn’t take place.



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