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The Megyn Kelly Show: A Glimpse Into the Different Perspectives on Biden and Crime

On August 2, 2023, The Megyn Kelly Show aired an episode titled “Biden Corruption is Obvious, and Citizens Fed Up With Crime, with Andrew Klavan, Alan Dershowitz & More.”

Both the recent charges of corruption against President Biden and his family as well as the rising crime rates in the nation’s main cities were topics of discussion with the guests on the show.

Conservative writer Andrew Klavan stated that Biden should be impeached since the allegations against him are “clear and convincing.” He referenced the latest disclosures on Joe Biden’s refusal to reveal his tax records as well as Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine.

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Liberal legal expert Alan Dershowitz backed Biden, claiming that the accusations against him are “baseless” and that his political rivals are the ones pursuing him. He said that Biden was not to blame for the increased crime rates, which were instead a product of decades of unsuccessful Democratic policy.

The other show guests provided a range of viewpoints on the issues. While some concurred with Klavan that Biden is dishonest, others concurred with Dershowitz that the accusations are unfounded. Some said that Biden’s policies are to blame for the increased crime rates, while others claimed that other reasons, such as the pandemic and the economic crisis, are to blame.

Social media users engaged in a heated conversation about the episode and the claims against Biden as well as the rising crime rates. The claims sparked outrage among some, while they were regarded as politically driven by others.


While some people believe that the nation’s downfall is being signaled by the rising crime rates, others believe that they are a short-term issue that will be resolved shortly.

The Megyn Kelly Show episode offers an insight into the many viewpoints on the accusations made against Biden and the rising crime rates. It serves as a reminder that these are difficult problems with difficult solutions.

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