Baby Care After Birth

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Newborn baby care, Here are some tips for you. This post is written to help those who have become mothers and fathers for the first time in their lives or have given birth to a child again.

How to take care of the navel of a newborn baby?

The card should usually be checked for bleeding for the first two hours and every hour thereafter. Keeping an eye on the pulsing stump, it should be kept dry and clean until the cord is compressed,

"You need to know how much sleep a newborn should get

- Michelle Delio

Newborns typically get an average of eight to nine hours of sleep a night and eight hours a night. It usually won’t be for the same period.

In addition to the risk of death, keeping your baby close to you will make it easier to feed him, comfort him when he cries, and so on. This is why it is so important to have your baby next to the bed

At 2 to 4 days of age, breastfeed the newborn for two to three hours in a row, or according to the baby’s needs.

How to feed a newborn baby?

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