Kanye West has been suspended     from Instagram for 24 hours 

The rapper posted about him after he said Kanye's actions towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian were "terrifying".

Kanye's been criticised for repeatedly posting remarks about Kim, their children and her partner Pete Davidson.

 Meta, which owns Instagram, said   the rapper violated the platform's   policies on hate speech and       bullying.

 The company also said its policies   on harassment had been violated.

  Although his account remains visible,       Kanye    is unable to do things like post,   comment or send direct messages.

Meta did not immediately respond when CNBC asked what time the suspension came into effect and what time it will be lifted.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, told CNBC that 24 hours feels like an “oddly specific” amount of time

“Why not 48 hours, or a week, or longer?” he said. “There’s a frustrating lack of clarity from Meta over why this specific incident warranted a 24 hour suspension vs. say,

 a one week ban. How can Instagram users trust the platform when Meta’s rule break penalties feel like they are made up as it goes along.”

He added that some may question whether a regular non-famous Instagram user would get a lengthier suspension for a similar incident.

“This incident reignites the debate on whether high-profile users such as celebrities with huge followings should be treated the same as regular

 users when it comes to their conduct on social media platforms, or are companies like Meta making exceptions and offering preferential treatment.”

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