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Eye Exercises Increased Vision



Does Eye Exercise actually increase eyesight?

Yes it is true that eye exercises actually increase eyesight or protect your eyes in many ways.



Eye exercises are usually more beneficial for those who use computers, mobile phones, and various electronic devices for a long time due to which the eyes feel a lot of pressure.


People who have been looking at different electronic devices such as computers, mobiles, etc. For a long time should take their eyes off different devices and look outside once every 20 minutes.

This will reduce the feeling of pressure in the eyes and the damage to the eyes will be reduced a lot.

Eye Exercises



You can use blue light filter glasses to protect your eyes if you want.It will filter the blue light on the computer screen because blue light is very harmful to our eyes.

Blue light filter glasses

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The eyes are a great asset. So we need to keep an eye on the eyes. If you want, you can spend some time learning about it completely. Thanks

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