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Ron DeSantis Lost Online War to Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lost the 2020 presidential election internet fight to Donald Trump, according to a new research. The assessment by University of Florida academics showed that Trump outmaneuvered DeSantis on social media and internet forums, winning the Florida primary.

Trump’s internet campaign outperformed DeSantis’s in reach and engagement, the survey showed. Trump increased his social media following and campaign buzz. He was better at using internet forums to reach voters and propagate his message.

Online campaigning has grown in importance, making the report’s conclusions crucial. Online success helped Trump win the 2020 election while losing the popular vote. DeSantis’s Florida primary loss shows that even popular politicians may lose if they ignore the internet.


Besides the report’s results, DeSantis may have lost the internet fight against Trump for other reasons. Trump has more political experience than DeSantis. He has nearly a decade of presidential campaigns experience and knows how to use internet media. Second, Trump has more social media followers. His Twitter and Instagram following exceed 80 million and 30 million, respectively. However, DeSantis has just a few million followers on each network.

Trump is just more contentious than DeSantis. He gets more favorable and bad press. This attention can help spread the message, but unfavorable exposure can be destructive.

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The paper emphasizes the importance of internet campaigning in modern politics. Politicians who disregard online space risk disaster.

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