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Ron DeSantis Is Young, Has Little Kids and Wants America to Know It

Ron DeSantis Is Young, Has Little Kids, and Wants America to Know It

He is more than three decades younger than Joe Biden and Donald Trump at 44. Even if his right-wing ideas put him out of step with many younger people, he is quietly emphasizing that age divide.

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Ron DeSantis is a bit of an oddity these days among top-tier presidential contenders. He was born in a time when computers were widely used in American homes, after the Vietnam War, and he still has young children of his own rather than a large enough number of grandchildren to field a basketball team.

If Mr. DeSantis were elected, he would be 46 on the day of the inauguration, making him the youngest president since John F. Kennedy. Although he doesn’t mention it directly, his campaign aims to make sure voters understand it.

The governor of Florida, who maintains a full schedule of morning and evening activities, repeatedly mentions possessing the “energy and discipline” required for the White House.

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Casey DeSantis, his wife, and he frequently discuss their young children, who

He made light of the fact that his family had to wait a little while for tax relief on diapers, one of parenthood’s most astounding expenses when he signed the state budget on Thursday.

“When I got home, my wife was asking why I hadn’t done that in 2019 when our kids were still in diapers,” DeSantis stated.

The obvious intention is to present a strong contrast to his primary challengers, former President Donald J. Trump, who just turned 77, and Vice President Joe Biden, both grandfathers with sons (Hunter and Don Jr.) older than Mr. DeSantis. Voters, particularly Mr. Biden, have expressed anxiety about the age and fitness of both men.


According to a recent national poll by Quinnipiac University, over two-thirds of registered voters think Mr. Biden is too old to effectively serve another four-year term as president. Only 36% of registered voters agreed with this statement about Mr. Trump, indicating that Mr. DeSantis may benefit more from his relative youth in the general election than in the primary.

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The party Mr. DeSantis represents, which is older and whiter than the country as a whole, has never been renowned for nominating young presidential candidates who ride a wave of enthusiasm to the White House, as Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama did. Nevertheless, Mr. DeSantis, 44, rarely discusses his age directly.

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