Ron DeSantis Chances of Beating Donald Trump in 2024, According to Polls

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Ron DeSantis Chances of Beating Donald Trump in 2024, According to Polls. Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis Chances, USA News

Ron DeSantis beat Trump soundly in a straw poll —again— on how much conservatives would like each man to be their 2024 candidate.

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Florida Gov. Ron Desantis claims another clear victory over former President Donald Trump

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A recent straw poll did. The Straw poll was conducted with attendees at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado on Saturday.

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Straw poler Results:

Florida Gov. Straw polled 71.01 percent of respondents.

 And, the Donald Trumpstro poll garnered 67.68 percent support from respondents.

As a result, the first place was won by the Governor of Florida and the second place was won by Donaltram.

However, the number of votes added here was more than 100 percent. Because voters were allowed to make multiple choices, that was because of the approved voting system.

But one more difference can be noticed in this regard. So let’s not know about that.

Another recent poll of Nevada voters rating prominent politicians found that Desantis was generally on Trump’s side.

And here in third place was Sen. of Texas. Ted Cruz said he got about 28.73% of the vote. And on the other hand, he got the fourth place. Ben Carson received 24.15% of the vote .

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The poll, conducted by the University of Nevada-Reno, asked voters to rate politicians like Trump, Descentis, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on a scale of zero to 100, with a higher number reflecting more favorable views.

Republicans in recent national polls have generally shown Trump as the clear leader for the nomination. DeSantis regularly ranks second.

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However, it is not certain that this result will be 100% true. Just checked here for guesswork. It will be seen that some changes may take place in the election then.Donald Trump and Ron Descentis there was not much difference between the votes of When the actual election takes place in 2024, there may be some changes compared to the current results.

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Let’s take 2021 straw poll look at the results of

2021 straw poll asking the same question shows that DeSantis got 74% approval while Trump got 71%.

Finally, there is no official word yet on whether DeSantis or Trump will run for president in 2024. 

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