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Ron DeSantis Calls Trump Supporters “Listless Vessels”

Following a recent interview when he referred to Trump fans as “listless vessels,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is receiving criticism. The remark, which was made as part of a conversation about the future of the Republican Party, was compared to one made by Hillary Clinton in 2016 that the majority of Trump voters belonged in a “basket of deplorables.”

DeSantis’s comment was met with swift condemnation from Trump supporters and allies. Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung called the comment “disgraceful” and said that DeSantis should “immediately apologize.” Trump adviser Jason Miller said that DeSantis had “just had his ‘Basket of Deplorables’ moment.”

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DeSantis has since defended his comment, saying that he was not referring to all Trump supporters. He said that he was talking about “those who are blindly loyal to Trump and don’t think for themselves.”

The incident comes at a time when DeSantis is being considered as a possible opponent for Trump in the Republican primary for president in 2024. Since DeSantis refused to support Trump for president in 2024, the two men have become increasingly at odds.

How DeSantis’s remark will affect his political future is yet to be determined. The comment has obviously hit a chord with Trump fans, and it may hurt his chances of gaining support from the Republican base.

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DeSantis’ comment has drawn criticism from Trump fans in addition to some political pundits. They contend that the remark is divisive and will only enrage the Republican Party even more.

The effects of DeSantis’ comment on his political future will only become apparent with time. But, it is obvious that the governor made a serious error with his statement, and it may have a big effect on his chances of receiving the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.


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