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Ron and Casey DeSantis: 2024’s formidable couple are ‘spooking’ Trump

Ron and Casey DeSantis: 2024’s formidable couple are ‘spooking’ Trump, Donald Trump News.USA News.

( Florida Governor Ron Desantis R), whose wife Cassie is encouraging his 2024 White House ambitions five months before his (supposedly) re-election as governor.

This latest news was spread by a headline in a part of the Washington Post. The headline read: “Shadow contest for Republican presidential nomination.”

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The post reported that “Descendants’ wife, Casey, a former television host and in a small circle of confident, wants him to run for president.” 

 This is only newsworthy because the First Lady of Florida has extraordinary powers as the most influential adviser to the governor.

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Smooth and clear, Casey Descentis , age 42, prepares the camera from her Emmy Award-winning television career – imagining her current title on the most prestigious set in the country. Cassie’s personal encouragement from her husband, which has now been made public, helps us answer “yes” to the second most frequently asked question in the 2024 GOP stratosphere: “Will Trump run Dissent?” (Naturally, ” Will Trump run ?” Is the first.)

Although ambition fuels Destiny’s White House dream, their timing is prudent and politically fair, as the post explains:

“The couple believes the governor’s skills are unique to the current political climate Beware of waiting six years, during which time the tides may shift. Desantis did not indicate whether he would step down if Trump ran the campaign.

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Dissent’s refusal to fight the former president is the bone of contention of a long-running feud that has sparked Trump’s “negotiations” over the 43-year-old 

governor . So, imagine Trump’s rage after reading the post’s quote that DeSantis “told donors ‘no one’s nomination is inevitable.'” Advantage: DeSantis. The same political truth applies “no one’s victory is inevitable” 

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“In recent months, Donald Trump has been telling trustees that he could begin campaigning for his 2024 presidential election – and he is considering launching it in Florida to hold on to Governor Ron Desantis.”

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