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Prophetic Word: An Attempt To Shoot The President

Long-time WLTReport readers are aware that I used to frequently cover a number of prophetic voices.

I’ve trimmed that back because a few things about it started to concern me.

It’s unfortunate because I believe that these people have good intentions and come from nice hearts—and I like them!

They piqued my curiosity, and I enjoyed writing about them.

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But, I’ve drastically reduced it, and I’ll shortly post a more in-depth article outlining the reasons why.

That said, this one popped up in my YouTube feed and I had to listen.

If for no other purpose than to record in case this happens, I’m documenting it right now.

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Timothy Dixon is speaking now, and while I encourage you to listen, the major thrust of what he says is that they’ll try to assassinate President Trump.

Now, that’s not very shocking because, if you’ve been around for a long and have lived through Kennedy and Reagan, you know that they would probably certainly try to remove Trump from office.

In fact, I think that only with the protection of God’s mighty right hand have they attempted and failed so many times.

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It is just what I think; it is not a prophecy.

To Dixon again.

The really intriguing part is that he claims they will use poison and other tactics to try and kill him before a gunman tries to murder him.

The Secret Service will identify and thwart such endeavor.

And all of this will be widely broadcast.

Thus, that is so audacious that I’m documenting it here, and if that occurs, we will definitely stop back and discuss this.

Hey, even if I dislike the subject, if Dixon is right in his prophetic prediction, at least we can relax knowing the result is likewise assured and Trump is safe.

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