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Popular Fox News Host Dan Bongino Gets Huge News

Popular Fox News Host Dan Bongino Gets Huge News

Dan Bongino who is the popular Fox News host got happy news and that is that his show reigned supreme in the ratings. Bongino’s show Saturday night was the most-watched primetime show of all cable news, according to a new report from Ad Week.

Bongino garnered a total of 1.19 million viewers in the 9 pm ET time slot. Surprisingly, CNN had 219,000 and MSNBC had 315,000 total viewers in the same time slot. Fox News host Brian Kilmeade drew 1.06 million total viewers in the 8 pm ET time slot. CNN totaled 282,000 viewers in the 8 pm ET time slot and MSNBC 282,000 in the same slot.

Bongino took time out on a nationally syndicated radio program to announce that he would not be renewing his contract with Cumulus Media’s Westwood One. It was his title then. Bongino explained that the decision to leave is “really bad because I spent a lot of time making it and I love it and it’s grown on me.”

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The agency approached him after industry giant Rush Limbaugh died in 2021 after a battle with lung cancer and asked him to take the time slot, the former NYPD officer further informed the audience. He said, “I didn’t feel like I could fill Limbaugh’s shoes.” “I said, ‘No, I don’t want that,'” Bongino recalled. He later said he reconsidered after thinking back on Limbaugh’s final broadcast.

He added, “And I changed my mind. I said, ‘You know what? I will take it, but for a limited time.”

However, Fox News continues to dominate cable news. Washington reports that late-night television reigns, averaging 2.1 million viewers through 2022.

  Time with Bill Maher, meanwhile, reports that “those viewership numbers bested both NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ and ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ along with Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ and HBO’s.” Raw surpasses only rivals like ‘Last Week Tonight’ and ‘The Real’.”

CNN is working on its own late-night show to compete with Gutfeld and is vetting more progressive candidates for the job.


The Daily Mail reported, “Brass at the famously progressive news network have floated names like Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Arsenio Hall and Jon Stewart as candidates to offer an unconventional, late-night-esque take on daytime news. Fox News has found success with ‘Gutfeld!’, a late-night comedy show hosted by Greg Gutfeld.”

“Gutfeld has been Fox News’ ratings champion with ‘The Five,’ which he co-hosts,” explains Nielsen, as cable news’ top show.

Popular host Shannon Brim has taken over “Fox News Sunday” after Chris Wallace left the network and boosted the show’s ratings, which was reported last month.

“It’s an honor to join the Fox News Sunday tradition, and we’re bringing new people to join us in the conversation,” he told Washington Secrets. “It’s a privilege to have people home every Sunday, and we’re glad they’ve found a reason to come back,” he added.

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