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In a recent Reuters/IPSOS survey, Trump has surpassed Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, showing a startling lead over a field of possibilities and declared 2024 Republican opponents.

According to their poll, Trump has a 37-point lead advantage against DeSantis among Republicans polled, and 58 percent of them say they want him to be the GOP’s presidential nominee in the primary election of 2024. In the same poll, 21% of respondents said they supported DeSantis.

Trump’s lead is huge, showing a rise in support from 44% to 58% in less than a month. With the announcement of his indictment at the request of a Manhattan grand jury, Trump’s support among GOP voters has surged.

In fact, President Trump’s primary poll numbers significantly increased before his arraignment in New York on Tuesday, displaying sizable advantages in national polls like YouGov and state polling.

According to RSBN, in the most recent GOP Primary Tracker poll conducted by Morning Consult, Trump received 55% of the vote to DeSantis’s 23%. After the president’s Manhattan indictment became public knowledge, the Trump campaign has also experienced a significant uptick in donations, with a staggering $12 million raised through the campaign in only one week.

The bulk of GOP primary political polling and general election polling both show a clear trend of President Trump’s support gaining strength as political attacks against him continue to rise.

In a recent Truth Social post, President Trump criticized the rapidly deteriorating state of the United States and lashed out at the Democrats’ inability to take the initiative on the most pressing issues of the day.

The only things they do well is CHEATING ON ELECTIONS, DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS, and WEAPONIZING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM,” he wrote. “We are a Nation in Decline, a Failing Nation!!!”

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Rasmussen Reports claims that after being indicted, President Trump’s support increased by 10 points, giving him a 7-point advantage over Joe Biden in a head-to-head comparison. According to Rasmussen, Biden received 40% of the vote while Trump received 47%.

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