‘I know more about him than anybody’: Trump hints he has dirt on DeSantis

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‘I know more about him than anybody’: Trump hints he has dirt on DeSantis

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Donald Trump indicated to reporters that he has dirt on Gov. Ron DeSantis (RFL) and would be willing to use it if Florida republican challenges him for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. 

The report also noted that the former president had just returned from a rally in Miami when he started talking about DeSantis, first told reporters on board, ‘We have a competitor, he’s a good guy,’’ when he saw him on TV.

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According to the Journal’s Alex Leary, Trump endorsed Mr. DeSantis for governor in 2018, picking up the tea party-style congressman over Putnam to establish Dear Adam in a Republican primary.

Mr. DeSantis did not win much in the general election. But he became a GOP favorite by avoiding the Covid-19 lockdown and reducing vaccine mandates. Nationally, Mr. DeSantis has broken gubernatorial fundraising records, raising nearly $200 million,’ before adding that the governor did not request for Mr. This time Trump did not officially approve and make an offer.

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“If he runs, he runs,” Trump said. “If he runs, I’ll tell you something about him that won’t be very flattering.” I know him better than probably anyone other than his wife who is really running his campaign.”

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