Truth Social has reached number 1 on the Google Play Store

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Truth Social has reached number 1 on the Google Play Store

Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social has topped the Google Play Store following the long-awaited arrival of Android smartphone users. Searching for a social media platform immediately after users and downloads demonstrates the massive demand and appetite of users that facilitate freedom of speech.

Truth Social’s official account mentions that Social has purchased the top 10 most downloaded and purchased media apps on Google Play Store in just 24 hours.

Tell all your #Android friends to join you in truth and help us get to #1!” By Friday, Truth Social had overtaken all other free app downloads to claim the No. 1 spot in the entire Google Store.

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Truth Social responded to the news from the account and added that

“Wow! #TruthSocial is #a free app on Google Play Store. A big thank you to all smartphone users and Android users – welcome to freedom!”

Google and Truth Social have worked together to develop moderation policies. Moreover, the availability of Truth Social on the Google Play Store comes weeks after the big tech giant initially banned the app from its site.

Truth Social was first available on the Apple App Store when it initially launched in February. Truth Social also hit the No. 1 position in Apple Store downloads. This indicates great anticipation and excitement among users looking for an alternative to censorship-ridden sites like Twitter.

The inclusion of Truth Social in the Google Play Store will make downloading super easy and convenient for Android users who account for nearly 40% of USA smartphones. Earlier the Truth Social site was only accessible to those with access to the Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store or web app.

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