‘King of the Jungle’ Trump warns leftist ‘foxes’ in powerful new video

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‘King of the Jungle’ Trump warns leftist ‘foxes’ in powerful new video

Democrats warned him not to back down from the fight. Moreover, a new video that Trump played at his Nevada and Arizona rallies over the weekend and shared via Truth Social on Tuesday, depicts the 45th president as very large. His opponents and those who attack him are also compared to foxes and hyenas.

“The foxes, the hyenas, they’re barking at [the lion], laughing at him,” Christopher Walken’s voice — taken from the movie “Poolhall Junkies” — says as Democrats clip in the video. “They lick his toes and eat food that’s in his domain,” she notes.

“They do this, and they come closer and bolder and bolder until, one day, that lion rises up and tears away from everyone, runs like the wind, eats everything in its path. Because every time the lion has to show the foxes who he is.

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Driving video footage shows Trump bravely crossing North Korea. He bravely grabbed a pen out of the air today and returned a wayward cap to the head of a US Marine.

The message is clear: (Trump, the fierce and noble “King of the Jungle” will not tolerate being trifled with).

The 45th president has shown a determination to defame him in public. That is why the President has shown his determination in this matter by taking legal action against individuals and media organizations.

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Trump sued Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for conspiring to “spell false narratives” that she colluded with Russia in 2016. Then on October 3, the president filed a defamation suit against CNN seeking $475 million in damages for the network’s “defamation and defamation campaign” against him.

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Trump said he was “proud” to “start the process of standing up against fake news and the mainstream media” and pledged to take further action in response to other injustices he has suffered at the hands of “fake news” news media companies and the January 6 “unselect committee.” He said this in a statement of the announcement.

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