News: Jeb Bush fired back after Trump attacked his father

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News: Jeb Bush fired back after Trump attacked his father

Donald Trump lashed out at former President George HW Bush in an attempt to deflect from an investigation into his alleged stores of classified documents taken from the White House at his Florida Mar logo resort, he said during a rally this week.

A former Chinese restaurant took millions of documents where they combined them, “George HW Bush former bowling alley. So they’re in a bowling alley slash Chinese restaurant,” Trump falsely claimed during his rally speech.

The National Archives “arranged Bush’s docs for his library in a heavily secured facility (patrolled, cameras, sensors) in a former alley/restaurant. Obama received the archives as documents. In Chicago, Bush himself did not take them.”

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Tweeted Jeb Bush, taking the opportunity to fire back at Trump’s attacks on his father. “I’m so confused. My dad enjoyed a good Chinese meal and enjoyed the 7-10 challenge. What’s going on with you?” According to CNN Senior Reporter and Fact Checker Daniel Dale.

Trump insisted that he declassified the documents “while maintaining that a president can release material ‘even if he thinks about it.'”

The Washington Examiner noted.

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His legal team previously agreed that “it would be appropriate for a special master to have a top secret/SCI security clearance” to review the documents (wrote Ryan King of the Washington Examiner).

A special master, a third-party reviewer tasked with filtering out privileged material from the stash, is currently going through the records. ‘This is what the world will look like in the next 100 years if we do nothing: dire predictions for climate change.

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