New Survey Puts Trump At Highest Favorability Among GOP Potentials

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New Survey Puts Trump At Highest Favorability Among GOP Potentials

Former President Donald Trump is looking good after a poll released last week showed him with the best favorability in a battle against six currently hypothetical GOP contenders in 2024. A Morning Consult study “supported what has been seen in multiple other studies as of late,” according to Breitbart News, which cited the survey’s findings.

“Trump began his presidential campaign with the mass of the Republican electorate behind him, but with many other prospective contenders exploring their own drive for the nomination, his hold is being put to the test ahead of the 2024 nominating primaries.

Morning Consult polls are “tracking the Republican primary electorate’s views of Trump and potential rivals, as well as how he fares with the wider electorate — a key metric for a party looking to turn the tide on recent electoral disappointments,” Morning Consult said in an analysis accompanying the poll.

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According to the study, Trump has acquired a strong lead over various hypothetical contenders, receiving 49 percent compared to the next-closest prospective competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who earned a 31 percent favorability rating:

According to the report, 45 percent of people like Haley, while 15 percent dislike her.

Several names have surfaced as potential running mates for Trump, including Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and former Democratic congresswoman-turned-independent Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii Independent reported.

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Independent reported, “Trump hasn’t started campaigning for the nomination and few people have been hired to run his operation in the early primary states, but allies are still considering names for VP, The Daily Beast reported. After running for the Democratic nomination in 2020, Ms. Gabbard left the party last year. Gabbard has grabbed the attention of Mr. Trump during her appearances on Fox News, specifically when she stepped in to host Tucker Carlson’s show”

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