New Poll: Under Donald Trump, Americans Were Financially Satisfied

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New Poll: Under Donald Trump, Americans Were Financially Satisfied

A new survey finds information on when Donald Trump was in the White House

In other words, America had its brightest financial days when the US president was there.

That’s according to a new survey by NBC Pollster Public Opinion Strategies (POS), they said.

According to the survey, American “financial satisfaction” under President Donald Trump rose 21 percent in 2018, the highest percentage in nearly three decades.

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President Donald Trump reportedly addressed record-high inflation in a statement released in July through his Save America PAC.
He shared a piece of information on this subject and wrote,

“Inflation has reached another 40-year high of just 9.1%, which is terrifying for our country. Fuel prices increased by 60%, airfares increased by 34%, and eggs increased by 33%—how will people survive? How can businesses survive this? Our country is so weak right now because the Radical Left Democrats have no idea what they are doing.”

That’s not all: The poll also found that, despite a 21 percent increase in support for President Donald Trump’s fiscal policies, Americans today are feeling significantly less enthusiastic about Biden’s performance.

According to POS, Biden netted a negative one percent in financial satisfaction in 2022, losing points with polling Americans.

The findings come from another NBC poll that revealed 70 percent of Americans believe the United States is “on the wrong track” and headed in the wrong direction. According to their check, which was conducted in August. On August 12 and 14, these results marked the first time in the history of the NBC poll that five tracks in a row indicated that 70 percent of Americans feel discouraged about the country’s future.

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Let’s take a look at the data shared among you with this survey:

2024 Republican Presidential Primary: Trump 55% DeSantis 15% Pence 6%, Romney 4% Cheney 3% Abbot 2% Hogan 2% McLaughlin and Associates / 08/20-24

Perhaps surprisingly, a new survey conducted by McLaughlin & Associates on August 20 found that among potential Republican voters in the 2024 presidential primary, President Trump still dominates the field with 55 percent support.

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