New Names Emerge As Donald Trump’s Potential 2024 Running Mate

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New Names Emerge As Donald Trump’s Potential 2024 Running Mate

Donald Trump has yet to select a running mate for his 2024 nominating bid, but a report this week suggests someone is already vying for the spot — Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

On Wednesday, NBC’s Jonathan Allen reported that “a lot of people have talked to Green and about her big ambitions,” Mediaite noted. The second-term congresswoman is aligning herself with the top House Republican, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Has been able to, serving as one of the Republicans’ most vocal allies in the race to become House Speaker.”

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“This is no shrinking violet, he’s ambitious — he’s not shy about it and he shouldn’t be,” said Steve Bannon, an early top political adviser to Trump.

“He sees himself on the shortlist for Trump’s VP. As Coke explains to Roberts when MTG looks in the mirror, he sees a potential president smiling back,” he added, a reference to the late political reporter who worked for NPR, ABC News, and other outlets.

NBC News also noted:

Trump, but a second source advising Greene said his “whole vision is to be vice president.” The source, who has ties to Trump, but spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private conversations, also believes Greene will be on Trump’s shortlist.

That goal is at the heart of Green’s recent efforts to reposition himself as a politician who can bridge the divide between the party’s hardline and establishment wings, sources told NBC News.

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“He was both strategic and disciplined — he made a strong move, knowing it would be tough against his most enthusiastic crew,” Bannon added. “He was willing to take the heat/hate short-term for the long-term goal of being a player.”

NBC News also noted: “His pressure on McCarthy alienated some allies and like-minded conservative activists in the House Freedom Caucus, but it was a calculated risk, according to Bannon. Trump has given no indication publicly that he is considering a vice-presidential pick early in the process. “Seriously considering and aides did not respond to inquiries from NBC News about the possibility of Greene ending up on the Trump ticket.”

Earlier, Greene’s name was mentioned as a possible running mate of Trump.

New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper appeared on MSNBC in October and said the firebrand Georgia Republican told him he could be on the ticket with Trump next year.

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“To be fair, Trump probably had this conversation with half a dozen other people,” he told host Ali Velshi. She also said that Greene may have something that other GOP women don’t.

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He said, “What Greene has that Trump loves so much is loyalty. He’s always been on Trump’s side. He’s always been behind him, and after his experience with his last running mate, Mike Pence, it’s clear that he prizes loyalty above all else. moving on, so I won’t count it.”

When Draper spoke to The Daily Beast’s “New Uncommon” podcast, he said that “Green rose quickly during his first term in Congress using the same tactics as a right-wing social media influencer who harassed Democratic activists, and he can. Shots in the second-highest office of government.” Do,” the Raw story reported.

“Republicans wanted to kick him out immediately,” Draper told the outlet. “But instead, he became a fundraising dynamo, had this huge influence on social media and eventually became very influential within the team.”


Draper said Trump has been seriously discussing Greene as a possible VP since February.

Draper also noted, “[Trump] has every reason to hope that Green will be on his side and will be his closest fighter.”


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