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Natural Hair Care Tips for Beginners


Natiral Hair Care
Natiral Hair Care

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What to do for Natural hair care?  | How to stop hair loss?  | Do you want to make your hair beautiful by taking care of your hair naturally?  | Do you want to straighten your hair naturally?   

Then this article is for you. Usually, 50-100 hair fall is natural. Because the hair that goes after us grows new hair again.


There are some things we should follow for hair care:

Comb the hair properly. That means starting to comb the hair from the ends of the hair. As a result, the amount of hair loss will be reduced.

Wet hair should not be combed. You can use hair serum when drying hair. But the serum should not be applied to the roots of the hair like- oil.

However, in the case of hair care, do not use a comb with plastic teeth. You can use a wooden comb or a regular panel brush.            

How long will I put oil on my hair?

Simple 50 minutes to 1 hour of oil is enough. There is no need to apply oil all night long, even if it is to lengthen the hair. While applying the oil, warm the oil a little and massage the hair. But the scalp cannot be massaged too loudly. The scalp needs to be massaged very lightly. This will increase our blood circulation and hair growth.


Which shampoo will stop hair loss? | Which shampoo will help to lengthen hair?

All these questions revolve in our minds all the time. The answer is shampoo never stops hair loss.

Shampoo’s job is to remove dirt from our hair and make our hair silky. If you want to use shampoo every day, you have to use shampoo without chemicals.

Another thing is to try not to use conditioner. Because it contains a lot of chemicals that make our hair very silky and shiny for a while. Basically, conditioners are harmful to our hair. So try to keep the hair away from chemicals.

We often make a lot of mistakes when it comes to natural hair care:

One of the mistakes is to use shampoo directly on the scalp.

When shampoo is applied directly to the scalp, shampoo chemicals also directly damage our scalp. So shampoo should always be mixed with water.

As a result, the chemicals in the shampoo will become milder, so the shampoo will not damage our hair so much.

Natiral Hair Care Tips :thick towel


Do not use a thick towel wiping wet hair as it collects all the water in the hair with the towel

This makes the towel much heavier and puts a lot of pressure on our scalp. Wet hair is much softer, and that pressure increases the chances of hair falling out.

So we should use a very thin towel. And wipe, wet hair very lightly.


Not always the same hairstyle

It is also a cause of damage to our hair. Tying the hair in the same fold every day increases the tendency of the hair to break in that fold.

And if you braid in the same way every day, the tendency of hair damage increases more.

The hair should not be tied tightly. So every day different styles of hair should be lightly interrupted.


Hair split ends are a big problem.

To solve this problem, the ends of the hair should be trimmed.

In this case, the ends of the hair can be trimmed after 3-6 months. However, there is no need to trim too much.


There are two more problems with our hair.

One is dandruff and the other is lice.

Dandruff also causes hair loss, and lice make the hair dirty. Lemon can be used to relieve dandruff.

You can use lemon with shampoo. If you use lemon, the oily skin will be removed a lot.

In the case of lice, don’t share your personal belongings with others. Such as comb, towel, hair band, etc.

Always keep the hair, the pillow cover, the bed cover clean. This will reduce the spread of lice. Lastly, you can blend neem leaves and apply.


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 neem leaves

Whenever we see the heroine of a movie, it becomes difficult to take our eyes off her beautiful hair. 😛 😛 🙂 Then we start thinking about how to make our hair naturally beautiful.

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Even after finding many ways, in our busy lives, hair care is not taken care of separately. So, I have created a very simple routine for you to take care of your hair very effortlessly.

1. Massage oil into the hair at least two days a week.

2. You can massage it by mixing olive oil and castor oil. But the message should be done very lightly.

3. Using a hair pack once a week.

4. Shampoo at least 50 minutes to 1 hour after oil massage.

“If you want to make your hair beautiful naturally, at least follow this routine properly. In addition to the natural hair care routine, I will share with you the rules of making hair packs and fermented rice water easily in a natural way.”


Natural home hair care

Long, thick, beautiful silky hair gives one of the dimensions to the beauty of a woman. Each of us hopes to have a bunch of long, silky hair.

But in the daily busyness, the hair does not become noticed. So I will suggest you some homemade hair packs for natural hair care.


1. Natural hair pack to lengthen hair

I will suggest a naturally made hair serum that will help you lengthen your hair. But don’t expect your hair to grow much longer in a few days. Because it is not possible in any way.


To make this natural hair serum we need fresh aloe vera, onion, vitamin E capsules, and castor oil. But those who have problems with onions can skip the onions.


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Method: First, the aloe Vera leaves should be washed thoroughly and the gel should be removed from the aloe vera and gel cut into pieces.

Then cut the onion. Now, aloe vera gel and onion should be blended very well.

Then mix the rest of the ingredients well by hand. When applying the serum, make sure that there is no oil in the hair.

The serum should be applied only on the scalp after combing the hair. There is no need to apply the serum to the whole hair. Hair cannot be combed after applying the serum. Leave the serum on for 30 minutes, then wash off with shampoo and conditioner too.

You will use this serum 2 days a week. Must use at least one month to get good results. The most important thing for long hair is scalp massage. So, in addition to using hair serum, you should try every day to lightly massage the scalp at night.


2. Natural hair packs for damaged hair

This hair pack is made of natural ingredients. This hair pack is for those whose hair ends are rough and damaged. This hair pack will also help prevent damage. In other words, if there is a possibility of hair damage, it will be prevented. Then it will make our hair soft and shiny.

Materials: Banana, sour yogurt, olive oil, castor oil (optional) these materials are needed to make the hair pack.

Method: Banana and sour yogurt should be blended together according to the length of the hair. Then mix the olive oil and castor oil with the mixture. Our hair pack is ready. This hair pack can be stored for two days, but in this case, olive oil and castor oil cannot be mixed. Only sour yogurt and banana mixture can be stored in the fridge. The oil should be mixed before using the hair pack. Never use hair packs with oily hair. All the time uses hair packs after combing hair. Now apply the hair pack all over the hair and wash it with shampoo. There is no need to use a conditioner here as this pack will work just like a conditioner. This hair pack should be used twice a week.

3. Fermented rice water for natural hair care

There is a small history behind this rice water for natural hair care. So let me tell you the history first. There is a village in China known as Huangluo Village. The woman there is called yao woman. And this Yao woman used this natural hair care rice water mainly it’s called fermented rice water. Due to which their hair is much thicker, silky, and longer. Let’s make this fermented rice water for natural hair care.



To make this fermented rice water for natural hair care we need white rice and orange or malt peel. First, the rice should be washed very well ,so that there is no dirt in the rice.

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Then water should be mixed according to the length of the hair. This rice should be soaked for 1 to 1.5 hours. Then put rice water and orange or malt peel together in a pan and cook on low heat for 7-8 minutes. After 7 to 8 minutes, cool the water and store it in a glass bottle with the peel.

Now leave the bottle in a dark and cool place for two days. After two days, take the water in a spray bottle and apply it well on the whole hair including the scalp. Now leave it for 30 minutes and after 30 minutes, wash it off with normal water, but there is no need to use shampoo here.

You must try to use this fermented rice water regularly for natural hair care. Yao woman washes her whole hair with this water. Since we can’t do so much in our busy lives, I have shown you a very easy way to use this fermented rice water for natural hair care


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          rice water

Hair mask for natural hair care:

  • This hair mask can be made with just one material. And that is Flax. For those who have no shine after shampooing their hair, this hair mask will help to make their hair shiny and silky. It will also help to straighten the ends of the hair if it is curved.

ir?t=simanto0b8 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0859V5X1LMethod:

In a pan, Flax should be taken according to the length of the hair and add water to it.

For example, If you take 3 tablespoons of flax, mix 3 cups of water with it. Then simmer on medium heat for about ten to fifteen minutes with a spoon.

When the flax water turns into a gel, take it out of the stove. Remove from the stove, leave the mixture to cool. Then place the net fabric in a dry bowl. Now separate the flax gel with the help of net fabric. It is necessary to take out the gel while it is slightly hot.

After taking out the gel, dilute the gel by beating with a chopping spoon. Now apply this hair mask from the scalp to the whole hair very. This hair mask should be applied to a clean scalp. Apply the hair mask and lightly tie the hair. After one to one and a half hours, wash with shampoo.

[su_quote]The last thing we need to do to take care of our hair is to change our eating habits. Whatever we do outside with natural hair packs, natural hair oil, natural hair serum, If our eating habits are not right it will not work. Trying to eat less junk food and fast food. Vegetable, nuts are very beneficial for our health and natural hair beauty. And try to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. It will keep our hair as well as our health good.[/su_quote]

How can I take care of my hair naturally?

Your hair should be washed regularly every day. And if there is any dirt on the skin of the hair, it should be cleaned.
And you have to make a habit of using chemical-free shampoo all the time. 
Hair should be dried naturally without any heaters. The oil should be taken properly.
You can also read my whole post to know more details.


What is the best natural hair care routine?

Clean your hair regularly. Keep your hair loose and comb it regularly.
Apply conditioner or hair mask. Seal the moisturizer every day or as needed.
It will make your hair look much better.


How can I maintain my virgin hair?

If you want to maintain the virginity of your hair, then take care of your hair regularly. 
Use regular hair, soap or chemical-free shampoo. Comb, clean hair, takes regular oil, etc.

How can I make my hair grow super fast?

If you want to grow your hair very fast. Then apply regular oil on the hair and keep the hair clean all the time.
Do not put any strain on the hair and use a good comb when combing and you can see our full post to know more about this.

How can I moisturize my hair naturally?

If you want to moisturize your hair naturally, use coconut and honey.  



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