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Missouri AG Sues New York Over Trump’s Prosecution, Claims First Amendment Violation

Missouri Attorney General Fights New York’s Actions Against Trump in Novel Supreme Court Filing

In a dramatic escalation in the legal battles surrounding former President Donald Trump, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has filed a lawsuit against the state of New York. The central focus of the lawsuit is New York’s ongoing prosecution of Trump, which Bailey argues infringes on the First Amendment rights of Missouri citizens. The statement was released just days before a crucial court date for Trump, originally set for July 11 but has since been postponed.

Allegations Against New York

Bailey’s lawsuit contends that New York’s prosecution of Trump, along with a gag order and impending sentencing, significantly impedes Trump’s ability to campaign for the 2024 presidential election—a campaign in which he is the presumptive Republican nominee. Bailey’s accusations are framed within a broader concern for democratic processes, arguing that these legal actions prevent Missourians, and by extension all Americans, from making a well-informed decision in the upcoming election.

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“New York is waging war on American Democracy — and Missouri will not let it stand,” Bailey asserted in his public statement. He described New York’s prosecution efforts as “illicit” and accused them of employing “lawfare” to sabotage Trump’s chances of returning to the White House.

The Lawsuit’s Demands

The lawsuit requests several actions from the Supreme Court:

  • Declare New York’s Actions Unlawful: Bailey wants the court to recognize New York’s legal moves as an interference with the presidential election.
  • Remove Gag Orders: The suit calls for lifting any gag orders on Trump, arguing they unfairly restrict his ability to communicate with voters.
  • Halt Sentencing Until After the Election: Bailey is pushing to delay any sentencing until after the November election to ensure it does not influence the electoral outcome.

Context and Implications

This lawsuit adds a fresh layer to an already complex political and legal maelstrom surrounding Trump. Bailey characterizes New York’s prosecution as a strategic move backed by high-profile financiers like George Soros, designed to obstruct Trump’s campaign.

“The American people ought to be able to participate in a presidential election free from New York’s interference,” Bailey emphasized.

Broader Political Reactions

This intervention by Missouri’s Attorney General could set a precedent for other states and legal entities considering similar actions. The explicit framing of New York’s prosecution as an attack on democracy may resonate with Trump’s base and potentially sway public opinion amid an election year.

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Attorney General Bailey’s lawsuit represents a significant clash between state authorities over the handling of former President Trump’s legal issues. At its heart, the case raises fundamental questions about the balance between legal accountability and electoral fairness, positioning the Supreme Court as a critical arbiter in this unprecedented situation.

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