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Mild COVID-19 infections can cause brain changes

Mild COVID-19 infections can cause brain changes, new research shows. covid test, covid cases, covid testing, covid vaccine.

Individuals with coronavirus infection. From the first few months after the attack, the mild case of Covid-19 in that person also begins to cause damage to the delicate tissues and rapid erosion in the area of the brain associated with the sense of smell. Are you surprised to read this? You will not be surprised to read this. Let’s read the details below what the researchers think about this.


The small incidence of Covid-19 accelerates the aging of the brain

According to the journal Nature, they did a study found that those who had Covid-19 had higher levels of gray matter and abnormalities in brain tissue than those who did not have Covid-19 in the brain.

“We are quite surprised to see a clear difference in the brain, even in mild infections,” the professor of neurosciences at the University of Oxford told CNN.

To find out more, Dowd and his colleagues evaluated more than 400 people.

The study looked at people who were infected with the coronavirus between March 2020 and April 2021 and ranged in age from 51 to 81. Their brains were scanned.

An average of four and a half months before their Kovid-19 infection and after recovering from the virus. Most had mild symptoms Only 15 of the participants were hospitalized with the disease.

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When the scientists compared those MRI images with scans of 384 infected people of the same age, they initially found contractions and tissue damage in the brain area related to the sense of smell.

Study shows covid infection can advance aging of brain

A new study published in the journal Patients with Covid-19 found changes in their brains in a study led by university scientists.

Oxford university scientists study

Oxford included brain scans of 401 participants before and after being infected with the virus between March 2020 and 2021. The study found that the patient’s brain was hit by a less gray substance and there were no abnormalities in brain tissue compared to those who did not.

Curve also found that the patient’s cognitive impairment which, according to the lead author of the study related to dementia, was surprising because the three differences between them even observed abnormal changes in the brain with oral infections.

Odor is related to distance but it is likely to decrease over time after infection.

Changes in the gray matter of the brain

Normally, as people get older, their brains naturally lose a small amount of gray matter. Which gives power to the human brain, But brain scans of people infected with Covid-19 showed that they lost 0.2 percent to 2 percent more gray matter within

three years of the scan than those who did not receive the virus. Despite finding that Covid-19 can alter a person’s brain, researchers have warned against panic.

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COVID-19 virus affects the functioning of a person’s brain

Researchers are examining whether the virus is affecting the brain more effectively In-depth research and evaluations have shown that those whose brain tissue has been the most damaged have also performed poorly on cognitive tests.

 Although the work has found some link between infection and brain activity, it is not clear why these deficiencies occur after Covid-19 infection and how long it lasts.

“We don’t know if this actually means anything to the patient’s quality of life or effectiveness,” Benedict Michael, an associate professor of neurological infections at the University of Liverpool who was not involved in the study, told the Times.

Next, the researchers plan to investigate whether these changes persist over time or reverse the damage.

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