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Mike Pence REFUSES To Write GOD

The senior editor of Human Events called attention to a very intriguing nuance in Mike Pence’s most recent tweet.

Posobiec drew attention to the fact that Mike Pence, a former vice president, misspelled God as G-d.

In his message, Pence wished Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “a great friend of America, a speedy recovery. Godspeed to Netanyahu.

Now, as some of you are aware, certain Jews may write G-d or L-rd instead of the name of God or Lord as a mark of respect.

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The fact that Pence was assimilating to a Judaic commandment, however, was viewed by many people as odd.

Many times, including in his book “So Help Me God” and during a speech to the Republican National Convention in 2020, Mike Pence has refrained from using the word “God.”

Pence claimed in his book that he requested his daughter to write the word “God” for him because he didn’t want to write it himself because doing so would “demean” the term. Also, he has stated that he dislikes writing the term “God” because he finds it “too sacred.”

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Some religious authorities and observers have expressed their disapproval of Pence’s decision to omit the term “God” from his writing. He has been charged with disrespecting the written word and attempting to disassociate himself from his Christian beliefs.

Pence defended his choice, claiming that he was merely attempting to show respect for the word “God” and the various interpretations that individuals have of it. However, he has stated that he does not seek to separate himself from his Christian beliefs.

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It’s unclear why Pence won’t type “God” in his writing. Some have asserted that it is because of his own personal convictions, while some have hypothesized that it is because he is attempting to appeal to a larger audience. Whatever the rationale, Pence’s choice has generated debate.

Here are some of the reasons why Mike Pence might refuse to write the word “God”:

  • He believes that the word is too sacred to be written by human hands.
  • He wants to appeal to a broader audience, including people who do not believe in God.
  • He is trying to distance himself from his Christian faith.
  • He is simply uncomfortable writing the word.

It is hard to tell with certainty why Pence won’t write “God.” Yet, his choice has generated debate, and it will probably do so for long time to come. thumb upthumb downtuneshare it on Google

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