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Men can also get breast cancer-breast cancer

Men can also get breast cancer-breast cancer. Breast Cancer in Men. Breast cancer men symptoms,Male breast cancer, cancer.

In most cases, women are more likely to get breast cancer than men. That’s why men don’t think much of themselves about breast cancer. But men do get breast cancer, not just women. Let’s find out what the experts have to say.

Cancer affecting men and women (2015 to 2019) data

Men 51% women 49%
Lung 13.7%Thyroid 3.9%
Stomach 4.4%Breast 29.4%
Liver 7.4%Stomach 2.9%
Colon-rectum 16.9%Colon-rectum 13.1%
Kidney 4.2%Uterus 7.3%
Pancreas 3.2%Ovary 4.6%
Lymphoid neoplasms 6.7%Cervix 2.8%
Non-melanoma skin 5.4%Lymphoid neoplasms 5%
Myeloid neoplasms 3.4%Non-melanoma skin 4.1%

Breast cancer in men on Experts say

Experts say that many breast cancers are also found in men. Men have a small amount of dysfunctional breast cells just below the nipple. Breast cancer is a problem in men because of the uncontrolled growth of these cells. That is why we should not be careless about this issue.

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Breast cancer rates in men worldwide

As many men and women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer. One percent of them are men. Listening to one percent may have reduced your importance towards breast cancer. But in fact, it is not right, because its severity can be widespread if adequate action is not taken in this regard in advance.

Men’s Breast Cancer Symptoms

  • The color of the nipple changes. Becomes reddish.
  • Some abnormalities are seen in the skin that covers the breasts. The skin wrinkles, creating folds or grooves.
  • Swelling, odor or any sores around the breast.
How to Check for the Signs of Male Breast Cancer | Lorraine

Breast cancer is more common in men of that age

The disease is more common in men aged 40-60 years. If you have a family history of cancer, you need to be careful. Being overweight increases the risk of breast cancer in men.

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Breast cancer is less common in men than in women. An average of 350 males are diagnosed each year in the United States, compared to about 55,000 females. Studies have shown that one out of every 100 people develops breast cancer.

Some similarities between breast cancer in men and breast cancer in women

There are some similarities between breast cancer in men and women in the case of breast cancer.
Some men have rare types of breast cancer, such as inflammatory breast cancer. Or they may develop conditions related to breast cancer but these are very unusual. These include:

  • hot flushes
  • a lower sex drive
  • feeling sick – this might wear off once you have been taking it for a while
  • weight gain
  • difficulty sleeping
  • sadness or depression
  • Information about hormone therapy

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

  • Breasts feel tight but no pain and they do not move back and forth
  • Turn the nipple inwards
  • There are sores or blisters around the breast that never go away
  • The area around the breast becomes very hard and its color becomes red or swells slowly

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A lump of breast cancer in men

In male breast cancer, a lump forms in the breast. Usually feels stiff when pressed. But there is no pain, and the body does not move.

Turn the nipple inwards. Discharge from the nipple (nipple discharge), which may be linked with blood.

Things to do to reduce the risk of breast cancer in men

First of all if any member of your family or one of you has breast cancer then if that member has BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation then you should consult a doctor very soon.

In men, mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes can increase the risk of breast cancer, high-grade prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Men have another basic way to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly, which greatly reduces men’s risk of breast cancer.

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Q: How common is breast cancer in men?

Ans: Although breast cancer is very rare in men, caution should be exercised. Because it can suddenly increase your risk. Breast cancer is more common in women and less common in men. About one in every 100 breast cancers is found in men. So be careful about this. Otherwise, the number of men may increase in the future.

Q: What are Male breast cancer symptoms?

Ans: A lump in the breast has no pain and does not move around the breast. Turn the nipple inwards. Fluid discharge from the nipple (nipple discharge), which may be lined with blood. There are sores or blisters around the breast that do not go away.

Q: Male breast cancer symptoms age

Ans: The disease is more common in men aged 40-60 years.

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