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Melania will return to the campaign trail “when it’s appropriate,” Trump says

that’s right. In an interview with Kristen Welker of NBC News on September 15, 2023, former President Donald Trump said that his wife, Melania Trump, will go back on the campaign path “when it’s appropriate, but pretty soon.”

Melania Trump has only made a few visits so far during Trump’s bid for president in 2024. Several things have been said to explain her silence, such as her desire for privacy, her focus on raising her son Barron, and her husband’s legal problems.

But in a recent interview, Trump made it sound like Melania is ready to be more involved in his campaign. He said that she is “very private” but that she “loves our country a lot” and is “very supportive” of his campaign.

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Melania Trump hasn’t said when she’ll be back on the campaign road. But from what her husband said, it sounds like she wants to be more public in the coming months.

In a part of the interview carried by NBC News, interviewer Kristen Welker asks if the former first lady will be on the campaign path soon. Trump says, “Yes. Soon? Yeah, not too long. When it’s time, but not too long from now.

She keeps to herself, is a great person, has a lot of self-confidence, and loves our country very much. He says that he would rather keep her away from all of it because “it’s so nasty and so mean.”

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NBC says that her silence isn’t that strange because she only made a few visits on the campaign road when her husband ran for president the last two times. Still, she hasn’t shown up at any events since November 2022, when Trump announced he was running again.

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