MATT GAETZ: TRUMP WIN IN 2024, He said about This

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MATT GAETZ: TRUMP WIN IN 2024, He said about This. Matt Gaetz Encourages People To Start Speaking The Truth

Brian Glenn lit it up at the CPAC signing it’s every Saturday

Gaetz also talks about how conservatives can rally and strengthen Americans and harness that power.

Practically help the GOP take back the Senate in 2022 and implement it

Gaetz said there that he was very encouraged if our government could regain power or recover parts of it.

CPAC staff will need to strengthen their skill stack to get there.

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Which has really taken shape and many have seen and learned: If you are a good communicator, how can you become a better one?

If you can share the content on the right side, find a way to go that way in the game if you want, or can be modern warfare for the America First movement.

He added that how their skills can be expanded and improved to influence those results.

Getz also said he doesn’t just want to win by default. “I want to win because we have the vision to win the war again for our people,” he shared.

He steeled his mind or continued himself so that he could make it to the border.

We can open up our country more and make it more prosperous. We don’t think about the cost. We can stop paying people if they don’t work.

He encouraged and raised the tension to involve the Americans on a permanent basis. “We have to be a movement that is vertically integrated,” the congressman explained.

Getz also said how much he dedicated himself to telling the truth.

He expressed views on women’s abortion at a rally which became a viral video.

What he called a “pro-murder rally”.
He said that people should be more inclined to speak the truth and should have honesty and love for the country.”…Sometimes people just have to be bored.”

When asked if Trump is a bully in 2024, Gaetz said he believes Trump is bullish again and will win the election again.

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A fun primary would be a nice tuneup for Donald Trump.

He will be able to live in the White House again and he will come back to take care of and make America better, he said at the end of his speech.

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