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Mass Anxiety: How Trump’s Potential Win is Shattering Liberal Hopes

Possibility of Trump Victory Has Liberal Groups Flustered and Scrambling to Prepare – As the possibility of a Donald Trump victory in the upcoming November election looms large, liberal activists and legal groups are increasingly anxious and preparing preemptive action to counter a potential second Trump administration. A recent report from the New York Times highlights the sense of “acute exhaustion and acute anxiety” among over 30 left-of-center activists and officials.

Rising Concerns and Preemptive Actions

Activists express dread at the thought of once again challenging Trump’s agenda, which they believe poses a significant threat to democracy. In response, a network of nonprofits and Democratic officials is establishing plans to resist Trump’s potential policies on abortion, immigration, and civil service reform.

Patrick Gaspard, the head of the CAP Action Fund, remarked, “What Trump and his acolytes are running on is an authoritarian playbook. So now we have to democracy-proof our actual institutions and the values that we share.” This coalition aims to thwart Trump’s plans should he be re-elected.

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Legal Preparations

Several organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), are gearing up to combat Trump’s immigration policies. The NILC has formulated strategies since last fall to deploy volunteers across the U.S. to monitor immigration raids and ensure they adhere to legal standards. Concurrently, the ACLU has detailed its approach to contest Trump’s immigration plans through a combination of legal challenges and lobbying.

The ACLU plans to argue that mass deportations would breach constitutional amendments by necessitating racial profiling and arbitrary detention. It also intends to lobby Congress to curb Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents’ powers and will encourage governors to pardon criminal illegal aliens to forestall their deportation.

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Public Support and Polling Data

Despite these preparations, Trump’s immigration policies appear to resonate with many voters. According to a CBS News/YouGov poll from early June, 62% of registered voters (including 53% of Hispanics) favor a new program to deport all illegal immigrants. Furthermore, a May poll from Decision Desk HQ/News Nation revealed that 46% of voters believe Trump would handle border issues better than Biden, who only garnered 26% support on this issue.

Abortion Rights Defense

Anticipating restrictive policies from a second Trump administration, the Reproductive Freedom Alliance—a coalition of 23 Democratic governors—is stockpiling abortion pills. Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington has secured a supply sufficient to last five or six years. Julia Spiegel, a lawyer involved with the Alliance, stated, “The Reproductive Freedom Alliance has pioneered a model of coordination across states to defend, and expand, access to reproductive health care.”

Future Strategies

Organizations like Democracy Forward are diligently drafting litigation to preempt anticipated actions from a potential second Trump campaign. They are also recruiting plaintiffs to stand against his policies. With polls showing Trump slightly ahead of Biden as of June 17, with a 56% chance of winning per the Decision Desk HQ’s forecast model, these groups are leaving no stone unturned.

Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice, emphasized the importance of preparation: “We are doing scenario planning for a Biden victory and for a Trump victory. For Biden, we are preparing for the chance to pass significant legislation strengthening the freedom to vote, and for Trump, we are mapping out how to limit the damage from an epic era of abuse of power.”

Awareness Campaigns

Additionally, conservative anti-Trump group Principles First is organizing a conference titled “Autocracy in America–A Warning and Response” at New York University in July. This event will feature scholars discussing strategies to counter authoritarian leaders.


As the 2024 election approaches, the air is rife with anticipation and anxiety. The possibility of Trump’s return to office has spurred a proactive wave among liberal groups, who are ramping up efforts to safeguard democratic values and human rights in response to the potential challenges ahead.

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