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Maria Bartiromo: “You Didn’t Drain The Swamp Like You Said You Would”

I should start by mentioning that I like Maria Bartiromo. She’s one of the few remaining honest journalists, in my opinion.

And good journalism requires that you occasionally ask the challenging questions. I, therefore, have no issue answering these queries.

They are insightful queries. Trump’s answer is also superior.

That is the proper method. You listen to the response after posing fair and direct questions.

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Journalism used to be like this.

Trump’s response was spot on, and I especially liked how, after saying “17 times,” Maria pauses and giggles as if she understands what he is referring to.

To my mind, she does.

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Watch the short exchange here:

“You didn’t drain the swamp like you said you would.”

Trump is confronted on his hiring and firing choices as president.

— Becker News (@NewsBecker) July 16, 2023

Great answer.

ACCURATE answer.

Looks like most people are in Trump’s camp on this one, check out these replies:

He had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. Anyone who was not a DC Insider or whose life was politics would not know.

— jmaceye (@jmaceye) July 16, 2023


None of us would know how corrupt Washington DC is except for the fact that Donald Trump became president.
Just where would this country be right now had Hillary won?!?!?

— Mr. Coffeefe ☕️ (@MAGARIFFIC2) July 16, 2023


I saw the entire interview. There is NO one in this guys league.

— stevepfi1 (@stevepfi2) July 16, 2023

The full interview is really good.

You can watch here:

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2 thoughts on “Maria Bartiromo: “You Didn’t Drain The Swamp Like You Said You Would”

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